Vater Reviews: Latest Vater Models

Vater drum sticks have a recently released a bunch of new sticks, which I’ve been putting through their paces recently in rehearsal, teaching and gig environments.

5A Stretch

Featuring an extra bit of length for more reach around the kit, an acorn tip and the same diameter as a standard 5A, these are comfortable sticks to get to grips with, the most easy of the sticks in this review.

They wore well and although the tips did eventually begin to chip away, that wasn’t until after many hours of relentless playing.

For me the extra rebound offered by the slightly longer model was a touch uncomfortable, I’m not sure that I would pick them over a standard 5A, but if you like a bit of extra length these are a nice addition to the range.

Nude Series 1A and Nude Series 3A

I quite liked the ‘nude’ feel of these sticks, although the sizes were a little outside what I would normally go for.

I was a little concerned the rough feel might make hands sore after a while but didn’t suffer any excessive blistering or soreness due to the lack of a lacquer.

The 1A, made of Hickory has always been more of a marching stick and comes with an acorn tip. I found it quite comfortable and rather liked the lack of lacquer.

The 3A is a lot weightier than the 1A and comes with a much thicker shoulder and a barrel tip and is also made from hickory.

Both the nude sticks impressed with their durability and I find myself quite fond of the rougher finish.

Josh Devine Custom Model

Well, he may well be one of social networking’s most followed drummers but how does his signature stick hold up?

Quite well as it happens!

The stick is based off of a 5B but in terms of length there is a massive ¾ of an INCH on top.

It would suit anyone who’s playing on the heavier side of things and feels quite weighty in the hand, but for 5B enthusiasts who like that extra length, this is akin to a 5B Stretch model.

Tim Alexander Model

These are the most interesting stick of the review, featuring a maple stick designed for Primus drummer Tim Alexander.

The stick is fairly large, but that size is offset somewhat by the fact the model is made from maple rather than hickory.

A fat shoulder lends some more strength to the stick, and the tips look rather out of place as they are in fact little tiny ball tips, rather than an acorn or barrel.

They felt nice in the hand, the combination of a large shaft and lighter wood worked well together and the ball tips allowed for some really articulate cymbal playing.

I’m not sure they’re a stick I would necessarily use, but then again I don’t play music anywhere close to Primus.

Overall a good new set of sticks from Vater and worth checking out.