Vater: New Front Ensemble Series

Vater has launched a completely new line of Keyboard mallets for Marimba,Vibraphone, Xylophone and Bells. Vater’s full keyboard line now consists of 2 product groups: Front Ensemble and Concert Ensemble, with each featuring unique characteristics.













The “hardness” of any Vater keyboard mallet can now be identified in 2 ways:
1) by part number
2) by tape color under the mallet head and also on the butt-end of the mallet for quick identification whether the mallets are head up or head down in the player’s bag.








Vater keyboard mallets are hand matched to give you the perfect set.

Rattan shafts are matched by diameter, flex, fulcrum measurement and color.
Birch Shafts are matched by color, straightness and feel.


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